Newsletter Communications Award 
Does your Post or District have a newsletter that deserves recognition for communicating important VFW news and
information promoting growth and participation in programs? If so, consider entering your publication in the
Department’s Contest. It’s easy to do. Department level entries are due to State HQ in Harrisburg by February 1st to
allow enough time for judging and forwarding to National HQ. 
Website Communications Award
This contest features categories for Post websites and District websites. Websites will be evaluated based on easy
navigation, quick load time, overall content, information of value to veterans from all service eras, important links to
online resources, and creative design (use of images/graphics and design to attract users). Make sure your content is
current. There is no form for sending in your website entry (just your print newsletter entry).
Deadline for your submission is Feb. 1. For further entry details see the newsletter submission form.
Director of Communications PA VFW
Cory P. Angell